Our Menu

Love goes through the stomach!

Menu of Restaurnat U Dominikána will satisfy everyone who wants to enjoy original taste of classic czech cuisine. In case you have enough of dumplings or roasted meat, you can try some of our international bestselling meals too. Warning! Reading more can make you really hungry!

Our Menu

Poultry pâté with cranberries and roasted toast 139,- CZK
Salmon Gravlax on fennel and honey bed with mustard-dill dressing and herb toast 179,- CZK
Beef tartare steak with garlic toast 179,- CZK

Beef broth with meat, vegetables Brunoise and home-made noodles 99,- CZK
Cabbage soup served with sour cream 129,- CZK
Goulash soup with beef meat served in bread bowl 169,- CZK

Mixed salad from fresh vegetables and herb dressing 149,- CZK
Salad mix with goat cheese, beetroot, apples and walnuts 199,- CZK
Salad Ceasar with croutons, bacon and parmesan 169,- CZK
+ chicken breast +69,- CZK

Dominican beef burger with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, roasted red onion, dressing and french fries 309,- CZK
Club sandwich with chicken, fried egg, vegetables, bacon, dressing and french fries 279,- CZK
Fish & chips, mayonnaise and small cabbage salad 289,- CZK

Salmon steak served with broccoli risotto and lemon sauce 339,- CZK
Chicken breast with basil, home-made tagliatelle and grilled vegetables 289,- CZK
Confit duck leg served with red cabbage and selection of czech dumplings 319,- CZK
Rabbit prepared on onions, mashed potatoes, caramelized carrot and peas 279,- CZK
Slice of pork neck on crushed pepper, roasted potatoes served with beetroot and cheese dip 289,- CZK
Pork knee roasted in black beer served with horseradish, mustard, pickles and home-made onion bread 289,- CZK
Grilled pork tenderloin served with barley risotto and marjoram 329,- CZK
Veal steaks, light potato salad, lemon and cucumber with dill yoghurt 279,- CZK
Beef sirloin steak in cream sauce served with cranberries and selection of czech dumplings 279,- CZK
Traditional beef goulash with a variety of homemade dumplings 269,- CZK
Beef sirloin steak with pepper-cream sauce and roasted Grenaille on rosemary 539,- CZK
Roasted wild boar with rosehip sauce and home made potato gnocchi 299,- CZK

Home-made potato gnocchi with baby spinach, garlic, cream and grated parmesan 249,- CZK
Fresh pasta (tagliatelle) with a variety of tomatoes, goat cheese and walnuts 259,- CZK

Mashed potatoes 69,- CZK
French fries 69,- CZK
Selection of dumplings 69,- CZK
Steamed red cabbage 69,- CZK
Steamed rice 69,- CZK
Basket of fresh Pastries 69,- CZK

Czech apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream and home-made whipped cream 139,- CZK
Créme Brulée with caramel crust 149,- CZK
Cakes from the daily offer 139,- CZK
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