Hotel History

History of the building where is hotel Dominican located starts in 17th century, when surrounding areas of the Saint Jiljí Church where bought by Dominican order. Hotel Dominican was founded in 2004 after major renovation of the property.

History of the property on Prague Old Town starts in 1625. Dominican Order was in charge to take care of church of Saint Jiljí and until 1656, this order has bought surrounding areas and buildings. In 1663 all properties were united into one monastery complex between Husova, Jilska, Jalovcová and Zlatá street. Author of this development was Carlo Lurago.


Two years after comunistic revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1950, Dominican Order was banished from the property by force during "Action K". In the house were built public service flats and used till end of 80´s. Recovery of the convent was possible after Velvet Revolution in 1990. At the end of 90´s of the 20th Century, part of the property between Jalovcova and Jilska was sold. After this transaction started very difficult and long process of retrieving of permitions to renovate the property and build 4* hotel with restaurant. Successfull project was finished in 2004, when hotel Dominican Prague has been open to its visitors.


In 2013 was hotel Dominican sold to new owner and since than it is operated by hotel company Axxos Hotels & Resorts, which operates several hotels in Czech Republic, next to Prague also in Marienbad and Carlsbad.

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